Seeking the Spirit of Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, 2,500 years

EL BUDISMO VIENE DE LOS SHADU HINDUISTAS Y EN SU PARTE MÍSTICAESOTÉRICA Y METAFÍSICA ES LO MISMO, entre los cuales se acostumbra comer carne putrefacta, de ahi sus deidades mas antiguas cubiertas de craneos y esqueletos como  Kali.

La religión hinduista que adora a la diosa Kali se llama shaktismo. En general, los hinduistas de cualquier especie ―independientemente de la deidad que adoren de manera particular― la consideran la Madre universal.

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Sadhu en VaranasiSadhu en Varanasi

Seeking the Spirit of Buddha


Siddhartha Gautama, 2,500 years ago in northern India in flesh and blood walked according to the oldest sources was poisoned by eating pork.
What was your spirit? What was your soul?
There are real mediums and others only chantas, real trace spirits from beyond, if they believe in the afterlife, a Buddhist would not believe as they speak of reincarnation and that does not involve any objective and paranormal cabin post mortem place, but remember that Buddhism and Buddha itself was primarily Hindu and believed in extra natural entities.
A set of deities: As seen in the Sutra Dhammacakkap pavattana, they have several Maras and not one.
The personification of death: This is where Mara appears with titles like Lord of Death (Maccuraaja), Exterminating (Antaka), Great King (Mahaaraaja) or The Inescapable (Namuci). And it is that all life falls under the dominion of death, because every living being has to die and, in the case of man, reborn and die again. Because of this we speak of the "ineluctable presence of death" avoidable only one who has attained nirvana (liberation from samsara).
The roots of Mara
In this line, Lynn Jnana Sipe (Professor of Zen Buddhism) in his book Reflections on Mara says that the notion of a being responsible for evil and death, is present in the mythological traditions Vedic and Brahmanic, but also in traditions Brahmanic not like Jainism. In other words, all religions of India seem to have had a similar character to Mara in their myths.
A summary of the essential story (incorporating details of certain versions) could be counted as follows:
After several years (6, according to some sources) of intense ascetic practice, Siddhartha's body was emaciated and his mind without attaining enlightenment. So he understood, the rigors of extreme privation and mortification, were not an appropriate way to spiritual liberation. Then he retired to a forest and there made the firm intention to sit and meditate under a tree, tirelessly until enlightenment.
The days passed and passed, but the will of Buddha remained unchanged and in his mind glowed with increasing intensity truths about the ultimate nature of reality, emptiness and insubstantiality of ego and phenomena, and the causes of suffering and the continuity of beings in samsara circle galling.
But that same force of his determination made soon Mara (the king of demons) to worry, sending their armies to break the will of Siddharta, who responding to the temptation of Mara described (some source) to their armies of this mode: << the sensuality and pleasures are your first army, the second is called Aversion. Your Third Army is Hunger and Thirst, fourth, Desire. Your Fifth Army is Sloth and Indolence, sixth, Cowardice. Your army is Doubt seventh, eighth, Hypocrisy and Stupidity. Gains Fame Honors and Glory falsely obtained, praise oneself and contempt of others; >> this is your army.
Then sends his daughters demon and bla, bla, bla. Now follow, having seen that the demonology of Hinduism is still present in Buddhism although moral, social and economic values ​​as spells as such demons, one thing does not invalidate the other are mixed, is why we also Buddha describes a world beyond the natural, despite the continuous reincarnation exist according to him a place to live spirits that do not reincarnate but remain in a state of mind which gods.
Brahmā (Buddhism)
As part of Buddhist cosmology a Brahmā is a superior kind of impassive deities (devas)
great Brahma
It is a Deva ordinary that is above other devas and is not omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent but if it is a benign being, is not immutable (it is subject to change) therefore is not a typical monotheistic religions absolute God, it is simply a superior deva.Instead itself equivalent to four-headed Hindu god, Brahma.
Great Brahma is the highest of samsara deva in terms of power according to the legends and Buddhist sutras that being considered himself as the creator of the universe.
It is considered the protector of the faith in Buddhism. In the planes of existence of the Brahma worlds there is no pain and suffering but there is no eternal permanence, since all planes of existence in Buddhism are subject to decline, destruction and regeneration. (Worlds Samsaric)
In the Tevijja Sutra, Buddha explains two Brahmins the Brahmaviaharas, a technique to achieve union with the Great Brahma, as Buddha first make admit that never two of them have seen Brahma face to face to confirm their existence, then teaches them the brahmaviaharas a practice to achieve such partnership with Brahma.
Great Brahma urged Siddharta to teach the Dharma, which he had discovered, the path leading to the cessation of pain, liberation, Nirvana for the benefit of all sentient beings from samsara, of all Brahmâ this was the most close to Buddha. This Mahabrahma is called Brahma-Sahampati.
These beings only corrects Buddha , speaks of communion with them and negotiate, because they are protectors of the Buddhist faith, guardians of religion, demons guardians of their religion who call himself creators, this doctrine is called by the symbolic and representative of the mental constructs Western Buddhists but this comes from Hinduism, was born there and demonology is anything but symbolic as it leads to the very actual cannibalism in its rites with corpses among other things, the Eastern occultism born there and is ramification of these creeds, great, it's amazing how everything seems here and on the other side of the world, this is one of the great features of the spiritual world, is as omniscient and simultaneous beyond the physical and regional restrictions, for example; see these images.

It is that spirits are the same, God is the same God and the semi Iniquity are the same for centuries and centuries and even before the earth existed. Good, but no matter, because they understand that later, for now we continue, this born Buddhism and is crystal clear for them was ever symbolic, nor Buddha was symbolic because it used the same language in the Hinduism and never change it in the beginning, spoke to hinduistas they had ever taken for his symbolic and demonology said.
The Ganges river in India, the world's most polluted Ganges maybe. Putrid waters of the sacred river, corpses and ashes thrown into the water where human bodies are rotted cow dung and dogs eating corpses on the banks also eat other branch of Hinduism called 
These guys had never heard Buddha speak of self-help, if I get over and consumed the Hindu temples and placed his throne there for his doctrine was because it was the same line and was taken as an evolutionary stage of Hinduism himself, Buddhist self-help today it is not that Buddhism was created, from the beginning, nor his spirit that they claim to have, is mystical, not help themselves.
Hinduism had become a religion of low, dirty and disgusting, dirty practices and some sublime aesthetically classes which Buddha, rich, young prince devoted himself to give it a glamor that had religion, using aesthetic figures and rituals clean for the same creed and origin, but they can not deny what they are.
Buddha was born in Lumbini, in the kingdom of Kapilavatthu, in today's Nepal near the Indian border. According to oral tradition, Suddhodana, Siddhartha's father was the king who ruled the Sakya clan. It is for this reason that the Buddha is also known as Sakyamuni or "sage of the Sakya". Siddhartha was the name chosen for the newborn, which means that it reaches what is proposed. Queen Maya, mother of Siddhartha, died just the birth of her son. When he was born he was prophesied that the child would become a great ruler or either a great religious teacher. His father luxury surrounded and protected from the harshness of life outside the palace to prevent the child develop his tendency toward the spiritual. The details of childhood and youth Siddhārtha narrate a life surrounded by enormous luxury and comfort, and received the best education and training possible time. At 16 years her marriage was arranged with a cousin called Yasodhara, which his son named Rahula be born.
Do you understand the origin of Buddhism now? How someone like Buddha was going to mess with these in religion as it was constituted?

This was remodeled by this;

And this other;

Therefore another;
Last comparison;
For this;

But spiritual blood strip and always come back to the origin as in the case of mummification and worship of corpses, but with more glamor;

They are not more than this disguise, never ceased to be;
Now I speak and I need to really listen to me, those who got into these practices are really dead inside, these mummies were subject to follow the teachings of Buddha chose to commit suicide but taking poison so gradually that did not suffer, but committed suicide by its religion, the same goes with your spirit by following these creeds, luxury andante grave spiritually, in the end I will pray for you and you will really know something mystical, I'm the closest thing to an angel who you'll meet in your life, the person more close to the Holy Spirit who never saw and read, I can track and see Buddha now in the abyss, in hell because that authority was given to me and authority to repossess all or encadeno and volume that did not belong, he is there someone who has people at your service as he had in life on earth, is treated very well in hell by demons, a great job done and have information to continue giving material hundreds of thousands of demons who are sent to the earth to talk to people who call the afterlife, fill them with false information and send them to fill libraries and newsstands in the world, so we have well but all authority over his spirit and soul was given to me and I'll wipe that I'm going to take anything for something to that spirit, I can see, I have back and as soon publish this thousands will be washed by the Holy spirit of God, because I came to wash and be clean to be in the presence of my God and know really "nirvana" life, life and life, the universe is expanding, not rotating circularly, everything has a purpose except my God and I received from his life and authority, are now washed chosen to wash today in the river of my Spirit Santo, now I received my Spirit anointing and laying his hands on your forehead, I felt the tingling scalp and the power of my Spirit penetrating your head, filling the glory of God.
This fact, washing, washing for the second video will receive instructions on how to travel to the true spiritual world, which they offered I doubled because I was given to do that for your sakes, you receive my power now are washed with holy and clean water from the filth in which they immersed their spirit, and never say more sir, never Lord Father, never Christ Jesus, give orders and teach me for your servant and I shall be saved, live and see miracles now for salvation and I do Father, Kirai responds, Kirai, Kirai answers, answer them Kirai and show them God's Holy Spirit that I am your servant and your command did this, I cry and suffer in tears for them and for your heart, that meet your expectations about their salvation is my desire, I hope I helped my lord, blessed be your name and saved those you loved always see your will in their lives in this land, in this most holy life, thank you for your presence and thank you on behalf of them again to extend your mercy, take it or not, thanks be healed those who prayed and believed, AMEN.
A complex process

As explained in the web portal Discovery Max, the automomificación was a very tough and rigorous procedure practiced mostly in Japan.
During 1000 days, the monk had a strict diet of nuts and seeds to get rid of body fat, followed by another 1,000 days during which I could only eat roots and tree bark.
Once the first phase is completed, the monk was drinking a poisonous tea made from extracts of a Japanese tree that caused vomiting and loss of body fluids, also leaving the body too poisoned to be eaten by insects and bacteria.
Just when he was a living skeleton, the monk was placed in a tomb and fitted with a breathing tube and a bell.
Unable to move from the lotus position, the monk rang the bell every day to communicate to the outside if he was still alive.
When stopped ringing, it was assumed that he had died and the breathing tube was removed to seal the tomb.

Are just dead, are not gods or anything divine, now that you know about it you got you extend the message of the Spirit of God to make you clean, REPENT and now not to go to this when you die, so do not go to this kingdom with these people and their practices when you finish your life and do not know when that will be, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

Already sold your soul to these ancient spirits, Buddhism is only a modern branch of what is the origin and where they go, right now I feel all the love of God the Father for certain people who are reading this and are marked by God to save and be washed have erred at some point, remember your childhood, remember your family happiness, your purity, now cleaned, now healthy, was now free for the anointing of the holy Spirit of God in your head, mind and soul, receives their power to be free, receive the Holy Spirit now, it's this or them, I have all authority now and take your life for your acceptance to be saved, so you come into my world, you're healthy and alive, and live your family, in the presence of the Holy Spirit of God I have done this, be fulfilled in your name Kirai, do it, for them to fall these words and their strings are now broken, tell their spirits UP, UP, UP, by the same desire installed in the work Jesus Christ God, son of JAH imposed on us and we accept for the sake of God, loyal we are, we gave you this today because he loves you, revives and, walk, walk and live and still learning, you're free now, swerve from God, he was not done.

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  1. Are you enlightened? Do you understand the nature of suffering and what it takes to know what is truth? Only one who is truly committed in every aspect willing to give up their very self for the final goal can become truly liberated and know God, truth, reality. What you speak of is a blind faith. Whereas those you judge may actually be others who are willing to experience the full truth. Jesus was a yogi, mystic and creator of the world. You think he will let you understand who and what you really are by merely following some written words? It's not so.


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