A war without God, James Blunt, absent in hearts. Authorship: OWN BLOG

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A war without God, James Blunt, absent in hearts. Authorship: OWN BLOG

I Really Want You 


(Te Deseo really) 

Many prophets preach knees 
Many clerics despediciaron wine 
did the bloody sheets that everyman 
I lost time? 
There are wild beaches of Paradise? 
I can come in from the cold? 
I killed a man in a distant land 
I told him that was my enemy. 

I wish you really want me, 
but you really do not know if you can 
I know you want to know what is right 
But I know it's so hard for you all this 
And time goes as often as you can 
and as often as it is and you can not stop 
But fate can not break this feeling 
that is burning in my veins 

I wish you really 
I wish you really 
I wish you really 

Now, no matter what you say or do 
the message is not getting 
And what you're hearing is the sound 
my broken heart 

I wish you really, really want you 

It is a poor rich man concerned? 
or Mother Earth complain? 
I prayed poorly on a sunny day? 
fortunately it rained? 
They say a million people 
They kowtow and crawl for gold doll 
I realized the beginning of life and the boat in which we were and story development. 

I raise now my prayer, that can not write, not really answer about this, sings James Blunt on aberrations occurred in the wars of the 90s, speaks of prophets kneeling in vain, poor asking for and receiving more misery, people marching by millions after a golden statue (it refers to Buddhism and its large golden buddha) speaks of blood on the cobbled streets and? Christians will often avoid these issues, but I'm not ordinary, I ask their names because I doubt hear them after you and ask my father and he responds, it's all very sad. Daniel 10:21   However, I will tell you what is written in the book of truth, but no one who stands firmly with me against these forces except Michael, your prince. it  is your miseries and misfortunes, but first you explain big , although macro not more important than your family and heart misfortunes, terrible absences, I hope to heal you, tell me ... I have no words, I, who writes not have words to explain such sadness even need to ask at the Islamic state in the Middle East and Africa, I do not think now possible, it is very sad and bitter all but facing him silent. but he wants to talk and I get a lump in my throat when speech and says his explanations, to shake me . hands, I always doubt, always argue, but it always makes me shut up and mourn for repentance, do it again most holy, you willspeak and I will listen He says you I recordás to Eliu but with extreme sadness, want to see you turn that sadness fire Does ter not give extreme power in your hands and mind repeating what I'm going to tell?. Elihu speaks again Book of Job 36 Elihu said: 2 «Wait a little longer and let me tell you,     because I still have to say some . arguments for God 3'll bring by far my knowledge,     I will show them my Creator is right. 4 Ten certain that my argument is not false,     you have before you someone who knows very well what he says . Whenever I was almost alone and had almost no help, I saw the betrayals of all who were before me, who after killing his brothers came before me to complain about the injustice on earth, let's talk about faith, not compare their bizarre rituals and full of vanity know, send my son to suffer there for you, proved to be equal to Jehovah and my giving your body for those who complain and they preferred a guy like Buddha abandoned his wife and children to go search of inner demons and seek throne in the astral world, with the beast, the former living being, no angel, but a nO sLEEPING, race that never sleeps, similar God, higher than the angels, represented by 4 faces and six wings . False corrupted master, celestial being called BEAST, the apocalypse, the Abyss owner, called Abaddon or Apollyon, destroyer ,, Visnu or Kali, with limited creative power, because it is not a simple angel sadly chose to leave the kingdom of heavens Iniquity. Now uncorrupted Ezekiel 1 4 I looked, and behold , a stormy wind came from the north, a great cloud with flashing fire and a glow around it, and in its center, something like glowing metal in the fire . 5 In its center was similar figures four living beings. And this was their appearance: they had human form. 6 each had four faces and four wings each. 7 Their legs were straight, and the soles of his feet was like the sole of the hoof of a calf and shone like burnished bronze. 8 Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. As for the faces and wings of the four, 9 their wings touched each other and their faces did not turn when they went; each went straight forward. 10 And the likeness of their faces was as the face of a man; the four had the face of a lion on the right and face of bull on the left, and the four had the face of an eagle; 11 Thus were their faces. Their wings were spread out above;two were touching each other and with twain he covered his body. 12 And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit would go, they would, without turning as they went. 13 Amid [b] of the living creatures was something that looked [c] coals of fire, like [d] torches were thrown back and forth among the living beings. The fire was bright, and the fire went forth lightning. 14 And the living beings ran to and fro like bolts [e] Lightning. But it is very difficult for me to listen to others as you do, to you did you see these beings, could make even walk between them because I love you , but how they will understand that the same in what they believe about the God of universal energy is the same that caused the massacres and evil things they want to attribute to me your God? you know I'm much whiter than snow in innocence? I say unclean, if I know , I know, I was just writing, I do not want to interrupt you . half the world preferred a rapist of minors and hijacker hired as Muhammad what fault I have my son east to in their bibles (Coran) but do less than the molester and trafficker and choose his commandments? Do not floor the same floor? He did not eat their meals themselves? I do not work like you? He not suffered for his family like you? No raped, did not lead wars, no theft, no kidnapping, no decapitated, take no adulteress, do not burn cities, therefore am I not loved blame now? by blood I enter the Coran and even then believed.

In  April  of  627 , Abu Sufyan launched another attack against Medina, but Muhammad had dug trenches around the city and was able to successfully defend it in what is known as the  Battle of the Trenches . In this battle, the tribe  Jews  of  Banu Qurayza  had allied with the army of Mecca [ , so that the Muslims waged war against them, defeating them . The men of the tribe were beheaded and women and children were raped or sold into slavery.
After the victory of the War of the Trenches, the Muslims expanded their influence through conversions or conquests of several cities and tribes, applying the same war concept of  Jihad , by economic warfare and terror only on those who do not proclaim submission,  Islam .
Family life of Muhammad [edit]
From 595 to 619, Muhammad had only one wife, Khadijah, a rich woman of Mecca that counted 27 years (40 according to other sources) when he married.

After her death he married Sawdah, and soon after with Aisha, daughter of Abu Bakr, who subsequently succeed Mohammed. According to some hadith, Aisha was 6 years old when he was promised the prophet, who was 54, although the marriage was consummated when she was 9 years old.




The exhibition of the Koran about Jesus begins with the conception of his mother, Mary. Imran's wife, the mother of Mary, promised to dedicate his daughter to the service of God in the temple. Zacharias, who took over later Mary, used to find abundant food in this house. When he asked how the got, she always said was from God. Koranic verses say:  

"When the woman Iimran said:" Lord !, I offer you a vote, which in my womb exclusive service dedicated to your Accept it You are the Hearer, the Knower. ". And when she gave birth said:. "Lord What I have given birth to a female -well knew what God had given light-, but a man is not the same as a female I have named her Mary and I put it, with his descendants, under your protection against the accursed Satan. "" your Lord welcomed with great pleasure, made her grow in goodness and entrusted to Zacharias. Whenever Zachariah went to see the temple found some support with her. "Maria". He is saying, "Where will this come from?" she said. "In God God provides unlimited whom He wants. '" (3: 35-37.)


When Mary grew up and became a woman, the Holy Spirit appeared in human form, bringing news of a son. In the Holy Quran we read the following dialogue between Mary and one of the angels:
 "And when one of the angels said," Mary !, God you glad tidings of a Word from Him, whose name is the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, will be highly honored in this world and in the most there will be those close to God. he will speak to the people in childhood and as an adult, is of the righteous. ' "Sir!" said Mary,' how can I have a son when no man has touched me no mortal ? " 'Yet. "He said," God creates what He wants. When he decides something, just tell Be ', and will' "(3: 45-47.).

Mary became pregnant with the child miraculously and retired to a distant place where he waited the time of delivery. In a chapter entitled "Mary", the Holy Quran tells us how Mary felt and what did they say the Jews when he brought the child home:

"She became pregnant and withdrew with him to a distant place. And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of the tree. She said: OjAllah had died and I had completely forgotten before this. But beneath him-she called him!.! "Do not grieve Your Lord has placed a stream at your feet shake towards thyself the trunk of the palm tree, it will drop on you fresh ripe dates Eat So drink and sosegate and if you could see any mortal, say:. I have vowed a fast to the Merciful I will not speak thus today with any man "he returned with him to her people carrying him, and they said,". Mary !, surely have committed anything suspicious. O sister of Aaron !, thy father was not an evil man, nor was your mother a harlot. " She (Mary) said the child, but they said:% * How we talk to one who is in the cradle a child !?He said: "I am the servant of God. God has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet hath made me blessed wherever I am, and ordered me to prayer and offer the Zakat (1) while alive whatever. kind to my mother. She has not made me arrogant or miserable. peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die and the day he is raised to life ". "(19: 22-21) 

In the next verse, after the above quote ,. God assures Muhammad and the whole world that this story is pure, unadulterated truth about Jesus, although Christians may not believe it. Jesus is not the son of God. Obviously yes was the son of Mary. The verses continue: 
"This is Jesus, son of Mary, this is the real story, which they doubt. It is improper for God to take a son. Glory be! When He decides something, He says to it 'Be' and it will '(. 19: 34-35). 

After this emphasis on the nature of Jesus, God commanded Muhammad, to invite Christians, a fair agreement, that all worship one God: 
"God is my Lord and your Lord. Adore it! This is the straight path. "(19:36.) 

The rejection of the idea that God has a son discussed later in the same chapter with even stronger words: 
"They say: The Merciful has taken a son. Certainly, you have uttered a terrible blasphemy. The heavens almost tearing therefore the earth open, and the mountains fall demolished because they have attributed to the Merciful a son is not appropriate for the Most Merciful has a son, and no one in heaven or on earth that does not come the Merciful but as His servant "(19: 88-91). 

The Koran recognizes the fact that Jesus had no human father, but this does not make him or the son of God or God Himself.Following this criterion, Adam would have more right to be the son of God because he had neither father nor mother. Thus the Qur'an draws attention to the miraculous creation of both in the following verse: 
 "Before God, the example of Jesus is like Adam, He created him from dust, then he said Be! and went. "(3:59.)
The Quran does not support the concept of the Trinity, with the same intensity with which rejected the divine sonship of Jesus. This is because God is One. This is the essence of all monotheistic revelations. By simple arithmetic logic and three it is not equal to one. The Koran addresses Christians in the following verses in the chapter entitled "Women".

"People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor tell about God but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, was only the Messenger of God and His Word, who told Mary, a spirit from Him. So believe in God and His messengers! Do not say Three not do this, it will be better for you. God is One. Praise be! Does a child have when He owns everything in heaven and on earth? God is sufficient as a guarantor! "

"Neither the Messiah disdain to be a servant of God, neither the angels closest to Him. But those who disdain to serve Him and become proud, will bring them to Himself"

"As for the believers who do good, the full reward them and even more of His gifts. But those who disdain to worship Him, and become conceited will inflict a painful punishment. Apart from God will not find for himself no friend nor helper "(4: 171-171). 

The verses continue calling our attention and all-the world on the evidence brought Muhammad. God knows that people often inherit certain ideas or beliefs, including errors or misinterpretations of previous generations. Sometimes, the masses have the perfect way to discover those errors themselves. Thus God presents the Qur'an as irrefutable proof. He says: "Human! We have already come a clear proof from your Lord; We have sent down a manifest light. As for those who believed in God and clung to Him, He will host in His Mercy and guide them to Him on a straight path. "(4: 174-175.) 

The denial of the divinity of Jesus (and therefore the divinity of Mary) is presented in the Qur'an as a subject of dialogue in the Day of Judgment, between God Almighty and Jesus. All the prophets and the nations will be gathered before God, and He will ask the prophets how they were received by his people and what they were told. Among those who will be questioned. it will be Jesus: 

"And when God said, 'O Jesus, son of Mary" Is it you who said to people, "Take me and my mother as gods besides God? "He said,!% Glory to Thee I can not say something that I have no right to say If I had said, You would have known You know what is in me, but I do not know what is in You.. , you know absolutely hidden things have not told them again what you have commanded me.! Worship God, my Lord and your Lord and was a witness of them while I was among them, but when you took me close to you, you were the Watcher over them; you are the witness of everything If you punish them, they are Thy servants; if you forgive them you are the Almighty, the Omniscient '' God said. "This is a day when the truthful will benefit from it. sincerity. They will have gardens with rivers flowing rivers, where they will abide forever. God is pleased with them and they pleased him; That is the great success "(. 5: 116-119)!

(1) Zakat: Social Contribution.

Back  Up

Jesus ascended to heaven

It is a sad fact of history that there were many who follow "the straight path" to which Jesus invited people. It was followed by a few disciples who were inspired by God to help you. But not only this, but the unbelievers plotted (as did about Muhammad six centuries later) kill Jesus, but God had a better for him and his followers plan, as we consider the Qur'an in the following verses : 

"But when Jesus perceived their unbelief said: '' Who are my helpers in the way that leads to God" The apostles said: "We are God's assistants. We believe in God; I am witness to our submission! Lord !, we believe in what you have revealed and we follow the Messenger. Inscribe us among those who bear witness. ". E schemed and intrigued God and God is the best of planners When God said:" Jesus! I will call you to Me, I will raise you to Me, I'll get rid of those who disbelieve. And I will make your followers are above the unbelievers until the Day of Resurrection. Then you will return to Me and judge between you concerning that in which you differed. As for those who disbelieve, I will punish them severely in this life and in the Hereafter. And not have to helpers "(. 3: 52-56). 

As indicated by the above verses, Jesus was ascended to heaven before he died. This means that, according to the Koran, was not crucified.

The plan of the enemies of Jesus was to give death on the cross, but God saved him and instead, was crucified another person. The Holy Qur'an considers this plot and the false accusation against Mary are a clear demonstration of the unbelief of the Jews. All this is clarified in the following quote: 

"And for their disbelief and uttering against Mary a mighty calumny, and for saying:" We killed the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of God ".. really killed him not, nor crucified him, but they thought so. Those who disagree about him, are mired in doubt.They have no knowledge of it, not conjecture to follow; it certainly did not kill him, but God raised him to Himself, God is Almighty, Omniscient. Among the People of the Book there is no one, before dying who did not believe in him (Jesus), and the Day of Resurrection will be a witness against them "(. 4: 156-159). 

Now, who was the person who was crucified instead of Jesus? The Koran does not dwell on this point and gives no answer to this question. Quran interpreters have suggested some names. But it is always individual opinions that are not supported by the Qur'an or by the words of the prophet Muhammad. 

In connection with the return of Jesus before the Day of Judgment, this second coming is not mentioned clearly in the Quran. However, exegetes of the Qur'an understood the last verse of the above quotation: "Among the People of the Book there is no one, before he died, he did not believe in him, and the Day of Resurrection will be a witness against them" as that Jesus will return, and that all Christians and Jews will believe in him before they die. This interpretation is supported by constatadas words of the prophet Muhammad. 

On the other hand we have false Christians of the Catholic Church have bibles, read the Gospels, I we represent Jesus to us as above and leave 2 simple teachings and principles of humility and solidarity where is entering Christianity deliberate theft of money Jesus 'name? it is not a university degree, you know is right and no and continue to enter those temple macumberos with those images of 30 types were models of sculptors, many of them homosexuals between modeling and modeling had relations with sculptors, images produced are now imitations which were first created as you say were fabricated, as the beautiful female models, some old promiscuous European sculptors and degenerates creating images to fill a temple that is more than a temple a bank money, dirty and cursed, take more poor than others. the same applies to the unorthodox Catholic papacy. Why not take those old and take kicks of those golden palaces bloody poor, because they love the idea of being able to buy, but could never buy you, ever, also pass through Africa and saw this. Africa: persecution and killing of albinos for witchcraft They blame to faith in a God but do sell his own people where religion comes in ? that is simple inhumanity and trade, is root atheism, atheism needed to generate empathy necessary to ignore the others without feeling anything. http://www.rionegro.com.ar/mundo/primer-viaje-de-obama- President-a-kenya-LBRN_7828227

"Neither the cruel monster would do that": RT reviews the 78 days of the barbarism of NATO in Yugoslavia

Posted: 24 Mar 2014 08:00 GMT  | Last updated: December 26, 2014 11:57 GMT
This March 24 marks 15 years since the beginning of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia. To mark the date, -the two journalists of RT Jelena Milincic and American Anissa Naouai- try to describe the horrors of war

During Operation Allied Force, which  lasted  78 days between March 24 and June 10, 1999, NATO launched a total of 2,300 missiles against 990 targets and 14,000 bombs on the territory of Yugoslavia, a country that disintegrated after a series of ethnic conflicts in the 90s and in 1999 were only current Serbia and Montenegro.Only in the  capital Belgrade, 212 bombs fell. 
We knew all kinds of bombs and aircraft

"You could tell by the sound if a plane was carrying weapons on board or not. We knew all weapons, all kinds of bombs and planes. All we become experts , " says correspondent  RT  Jelena Milincic , who along with his family and friends are among those who lived through the  horrors of those days of war. 15 years later he traveled to Serbia with his colleague, US Anissa Naouai to try to uncover the truth about those bloody days that so far remains hidden for many. Your search was reflected in the exclusive documentary RT 'Зашто? Why?'. 

RT / Victoria Vorontsova

"A major European city was subjected to an aerial attack and find it hard to imagine that only a few Americans knew what was happening. Even now, 15 years after the attack, I do not think many Americans are able to bring to Serbia in map and explain why they bombed this country, "says Anissa. 

RT / Victoria Vorontsova

These two and a half months of incessant air strikes and the lives of more than 2,000 civilians, including 88 children, were charged and left 6,000 injured. But these data are just cold figures. Behind the human tragedies and 15 years after these open wounds are still hurting. " It is often thought that eventually everything becomes lighter, a man is able to forget about many little things, but this I do not know ... not the same as closing a book and say 'horrible'. It is impossible to forget "., account Zoran, one of the witnesses of the bombing of Belgrade a Havana taxi driver remembers how the war entered his life:" I live in the neighborhood where the first bomb fell My wife was watching a Mexican series and I was in. terrace. suddenly, Iheard an explosion and saw smoke. The air rang alarm 20 minutes later. "

RT / Victoria Vorontsova

On April 12, 1999 NATO bombed a passenger train passing over a bridge near the city of Niš. "I feel the impact of the explosion and saw flames and sparks coming out of the train wheels. He was so fast that half meter rose above the ground. I do not know how we could stay on the rails. I heard the noise explosion and jumped off the train. at that time the blast blew the windows. I saw nothing but dust. I just wanted to survive. I started running and I heard approaching aircraft again. Then a explosion and screams and moans of people asking for help. what if their civil suffered the same? I do not understand and there is no answer for this. there is no excuse , "said one of the passengers. " Our fellow jumped off the train with me. I was scared. At that moment, fell on him a bomb and blew it to pieces it's something that haunts me.? if the first missile was a mistake, why they launched three after , "says his friend.  the attack killed 15 people ( at least those were the doctors were able toidentify)  and another 44 were injured. So far many train passengers that therecontinue to be missing.


"The Serbian television is part of  the killing machine of Milosevic  like the military , " said then - Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon, and April 23, 1999 cruise missiles destroyed the headquarters of the RTS chain in Belgrade, killing channel 16 workers, mainly technical staff. "I was 10 meters from the control room where it struck the bomb. We were in a room large drafting and then the door frame fell on my desk and on my legs. It was terrible. As if an earthquake. Then began to fall dust everywhere. then we realized that it was an attack against us ... a few minutes before, I was eating an apple pie with a boy who died , "he recalls one of the employees of RTS at that time . The chain reissued from a secret location about 24 hours after the attack. In honor of the 16 fatalities, in front are planted 16 trees. According Anissa, a situation in the late twentieth century "is unthinkable."  "I try to imagine what afeeling produce get to work, get into the newsroom and become the target of an attack. That's crossing the boundary between the war of media information and real war , "he says.


The worst thing for me is to see children die
The NATO bombing affected some 40,000 residential houses, more than 300 schools and more than 20 hospitals, including the capital 's hospital Dr. Dragiša Mišović-Dedinje. "We lived in the area of New Belgrade, on the bank of the Sava River When the bombing started, my wife was seven months pregnant I was prepared for everything... If they had destroyed the bridge, he would have been by boat  The day my woman gave birth to our second child, I was in the hospital with her. I went out to the street and I was waiting to be told that everything was fine. suddenly, I heard the sound of the pump that drew ever . more and more towards the hospital at theend could find them : my wife was crying a nurse grabbed my hand, took me with her ​​and taught me about six or seven babies I delivered two babies and said.. ' come on , help me to take them to the basement , ' "says a man who that day was May 20, 1999 in the clinic. According to him, his second son, born during that bombing, says he remembers what happened and that in his dreams sometimes appears in themiddle of a battle. In the attack 10 people were killed, the children's and maternity suffered damage. "The worst thing for me is to see children die when they are injured after a bombing. I saw children who were left without arms, without legs, his head bleeding. I'm a professional, but I take it to heart. It is difficult to overcome this "says one of the doctors who worked at the site.
NATO is nothing more than the US terrorist organization
Murino is a tiny village in the territory of present Montenegro. A NATO bombing claimed the lives of six of its neighbors, including three children. Eight more were injured."NATO is for me nothing more than the US terrorist organization Why do we ?! There were bombed a military target, we did nothing to provoke them . It was a small and peaceful place. And they killed our children" exclaims the father Miroslav, one of the dead children.
"We lived in Pristina [the capital of  Kosovo ]. what scared me more were the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army operating in this area. And it was me, I insisted that they were four to murine. so were there. Two of me and two of my sister daughters. I organized the trip and took them, "says the man, who lost in the attack on one of his daughters and his niece, with tears in the eyes. "The two little girls were near the school and the other two ran alongside Miroslav also he died. At about 21 hours, I heard on the radio that had bombed Murino and had killed six people, including refugees from Pristina. And that's when I found out. Why did I had to go ?! "he says.


"They would not let me see him. I said you better remember what it was. His father went to see him. But all I saw was pieces. He was missing a piece of his head. He had no arms or legs. Damn! Ni the cruelest monster would do such a thing! they put it in a plastic bag and the bag put it in a coffin, no clothes, no shoes. This is what hurts me most. we buried him like an animal, "she cries the mother of Miroslav.
September 11 was God's punishment for what they did 

"The media were tergiversándolo all , " insists meanwhile the father of the dead girl and a Croatian newspaper showing the date. . "Look how distorted is the information The headline reads: 'Milošević is losing between 70 and 100 soldiers daily' And this photo is the funeral of Miroslav and wrote that it was the funeral of a soldier and was the funeral.!. our son died. But publishing these lies in the Croatian newspapers. we gave them the photo and never thought we would publish something, "he exclaims. " May the devil take all NATO! they killed three beautiful children and said it was a mistake. the three large buildings destroyed on September 11 were God's punishment for what they did. I enjoyed seeing it. I am sorry that people do not know what happened here. [...] Tell them the truth! Count what they saw! [...]. Damn! they will suffer hurricanes and tsunamis, I'm sure! I wish consiguiesen terrorists attacking the White House! "he exclaims his wife and asked to tell the whole truth about the bombing NATO in Yugoslavia.

RT / Victoria Vorontsova

"I do not understand how the world can allow NATO not even apologize for all this," insists the US Anissa Naouai and points out that the image of the war in Yugoslavia that had the US media It was very different from the picture that made her the Serbian media.

RT / Ivan Serbinov / Reuters


Where are the protests against NATO in songs where the killings described in Africa Middle East or where the calamities of the atomic bomb dropped experimentally against civilians killing them with cancer in moments cayéndoles skin apart. How are easy attack God or faith of others that is intangible and can not face their own governments that everyone knows pirates always fight for their unfair benefits? They like death and domination, not me. Did not give up anything Cassius Clay to become the murderer? Do not you know that there are those who choose to unjust prison to legal crime? Human dignity is called, exactly as you create them in the beginningBut others choose to legal crime and sing songs against my name and faith in my existence, LOYALTY TO THE QUEEN! !!

Cassius Clay he not renounce war and was imprisoned 5 years losing everything done before , while I chose james blunt be legally and make a career criminal to fame so what am I to blame ?

Fixed l they have on hand and then come before me to claim me their own evil know the evil they do, know the evils that make those about you and your sides and do not the least to prevent it , I will be with anyone who tries always, be at my side the saint who really fight against that, most of the heroes were sold after being proclaimed by altruistic acts, you do not do such a thing and less on my behalf or against my name, if they know I'm close, but who come before me to claim me about the evils of all sides of their culture. one time the archangels came before me claiming that I had forgotten humanity, which were a few criminals who were damaging and horribly tortured innocent humanity mostly they came pre-potently and confused by versions of people over evil on earth and my wickedness and injustice to them, did silence and gave them power and authority to eliminate those evil that they said were the cause of all evil what I finish this? in the flood, because they realized that by attacking evil and destroy it looking implacably its roots had to end by exterminating all mankind minus a few, and none complained against me, sad they understood that evil it is in the man, that defiles the man is what comes out of your heart. but doubts or complaints about my can be healthy and accept them , just look for meand find me and I teach them.

Chapter 8

1 Y 'Asa'el taught men to make swords of iron and copper breastplates and showed them how gold is extracted and work to get it ready and with respect to silver to repujarla for bracelets and other adornments . Women were taught about antimony, eye makeup, gemstones and tinctures 2 AND then grew much godlessness , and they were led astray , and became corrupt in all forms. 3 Semyaza taught spells and cut roots ; Hermoni to break spells, witchcraft, magic and related skills; Baraq'el signs of lightning; Kokab'el the portents of the stars; Zeq'el the lightning; 'the taught the meanings; Ar'taqof showed signs of the earth; Shamsiel the signs of the sun; . and Sahari'el the moon, and all began to reveal secrets to their wives 4 as part of the men were being annihilated, their cry went up to heaven. (Ex 3: 7-9)
Chapter 9

1 Then Michael, Sariel, Rafael and Gabriel looked at the earth from the sanctuary of heaven and saw much blood shed upon the earth and was all full of injustice and violence that was committed on it. 2 Recital this, four were and said, "cry and lament for the destruction of earth's children up to the gates of heaven." 3 and said to the saints in heaven: "it is now you whom the souls of the children men supplicate saying 'Bring our cause before the Almighty, our destruction before the majestic glory and before the Lord of all lords' in terms of majesty. " 4 and Raphael, Michael, Sariel and Gabriel said the Lord of the world" you are our great Lord, the Lord of the world, the mighty God, the Lord of lords and King of kings, the heavens are the throne of your glory for all the generations that have always existed; the whole earth is the footstool before . you forever, and your name is great, holy and blessed for eternity 5 " it is you who has created everything and you power over all things living; everything is exposed in all its nakedness before you; you see it all and nothing will be hidden. (1Ch 29: 10-12, Hb4: 13) 6 "You have seen what he has done 'Asa'el, as taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets who meet in heaven . 7 and which has taught Semyaza humans, you had given the power to rule over their fellow 8 "they have gone to the daughters of men and have slept with them and they have defiled themselves by unveiling all sin.9 "Then these women have given birth in the giant world, so that the land is filled with blood and unrighteousness. (Genesis 6: 4,5,11)10" and now look that the souls of those who have died cry and complain to the gates of heaven and cry has gone up and can not cease because of the injustice committed on earth. (Rev. 6:10) 11 "But you who know all things before they happen, you know that you, thou not tell us tolerate and what we need them to observe it. " (Ha 1: 2-4)

Daniel 10:21   
But will tell you what is written in the book of truth, but no one who stands firmly with me against these forces except Michael, your prince.

I absolve you sir, are in heart acquit my conscience, but no one can accuse my conscience if I did the background, forgiveness.

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