Armero tragedy and God, child stealing and corruption GUILTY GOD?

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I think not for me to talk to them, neither they, those who your representatives say they do not have your word, say you call and never answer you, you ask why bad things and you return with studies Greek and Aramaic avoid saying anything.

So if something is born in my heart against someone is aimed at you, I know, you know sir, and tell me because I tell you sir, if I accuse, and it's because I really wish you were my lord, I wish your real protection more than nothing, I wish you'd stop in front of me and I explain that things happened that happened, would be captivated, dominated by a flash of responses that make me throw myself face down on floor asking apology but makes it quite that does not happen and I really want you are my master because the other option is death for me, not full I do not believe in you, not fill me suspicious, even so never be against you because I love you, but I want to see something big and you'll be at the height , height I have only to provoke you to respond even if this is your idea, Holy Spirit, reveal yourself to them, reveal yourself to me, ubicame, hit my arguments, atheist thwarts my heart.

Your presence bristling my skin, it gives me peace many times and a sense of emotional grief, relief and welfare, the other side gives me anger or fear, their presence not want but your presence is eclipsed by the reality that appears suddenly and hits misfortunes, now with me as with Job and attack me, destroy my reasons, mold me in my disbelief and to humble my false accusations that are stakes thirst in my soul and my dying spirit.

Let's start strong spirit of God, Kiray, tell me did you see this? Do not you hurt to see this? Did not you care to think the world of you?

Those who talk about you cachetazos we eat every day by people who mocks our faith in these cases and we have no answer, and I ask response tired or something of yours aprte, so I start, you get to Kiray.

First, I know that is what really ails and are personal things, because there is nobody in this world who really humanity afflicts among you not one, and those of you said worry about humanity thrown in the trash the relationship with their own children, they have no appreciation for what will beget what I appreciate so another fathered? I talk about me.

Jeremiah 45

1. The  word that Jeremiah the prophet spoke to Baruch the son of Neriah, when he wrote these words in the book the mouth of Jeremiah, in the fourth year of Jehoiakim son of Josiah king of Judah, saying,
2.  Thus saith the Lord God of Israel to you, O Baruch:
3.  You said, Woe is me now! LORD has added sorrow to my pain; I'm tired groaning, and I find no rest.
4. So say to him, saith the Lord: Behold, I destroy that I have built, and pluck those who planted, and all this land.
5. What you seek great things for yourself? Do not seek them; for behold I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the Lord; but I will give you your life for a prey in all places whither thou goest.

Lamentations 4

1.  How is the gold become dim!
How the most fine gold has lost its luster!
The stones of the sanctuary are scattered in the top of every street.
2.  The sons of Zion, precious and dear to fine gold,
How they are regarded as earthen pitchers, the work of a potter's hands!
3. Even the jackals give the breast and suckle their cubs;
The daughter of my people is cruel like ostriches in the desert
4.  The tongue of the sucking child stuck his palate for thirst:
the young children ask bread, and none did it unto them.
5.  Those who ate delicacies are desolate in the streets:
Those who were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills.
6.  For the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the sin of Sodom, it was increased
that was overthrown in a moment, but stayed on her.
7.  His nobles were purer than snow, whiter than milk,
more ruddy were his body than rubies, more beautiful than sapphire her waist.
8.  blacker than the blackness is its appearance; not known in the streets:
Their skin clings to their bones, dry as a stick.

You never would understand me all

Ezekiel 18

1. He  came to me from the Lord, saying:
2.  What think ye who use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying: The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?
3. As  I live, saith the Lord, that you never will have to use this proverb in Israel.
4.  Behold , all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so the soul of the son is mine; the soul that sins shall die.
5.  And the man be righteous, and do that which is lawful and right;
6.  not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, neither has defiled his neighbor 's wife, nor come near to a menstruous woman,
7.  not oppressed any; restored to the debtor his pledge, commits no robbery, and given his bread to the hungry and covered the naked with clothing,
8.  not given forth upon usury interest nor taketh; that of evil withdrawn his hand, and hath done true justice between man and man,
9.  walked in my statutes, and keep my judgments to deal truly, this is right; he shall surely live, saith the Lord.
10.  If he beget a son robber, a shedder of blood, or do any of these,
11.  and do not do the others, but eaten on the mountains, and defiled his neighbor 's wife,
12.  the poor and needy, has taken by robbery, not restored the pledge, and lifted up his eyes to the idols, committed abomination,
13.  prestare to interest and has taken increase; Is this live? He will not live. Done all these abominations; he shall surely die, his blood shall be upon him.
14.  But if he beget a son, that seeth all the sins that his father did, and doeth not them;
15.  not eaten on the mountains, nor lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel; the wife of his neighbor defiled not,
16.  Neither hath oppressed any, the garment does not retuviere, neither hath; the hungry given his bread, and provides clothing for the naked;
17.  withdrawn his hand from the poor, interest and usury not receive; I executed my judgments, walked in my statutes; He shall not die for the iniquity of his father; he shall surely live.
18.  His father, because he cruelly oppressed, robbed his brother, and did in the midst of his people is not good, behold , he shall die in his iniquity.
19.  And if you say , Why does the son not bear the guilt of his father? Because the son has done what the law and justice, he kept all my statutes and done them , he shall surely live.
20.  The soul that sins shall die; The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, nor the father bear the iniquity of the son; the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.
21.  But if the wicked will turn from all his sins which he committed , and keep all my statutes and does what is lawful and right, he shall surely live;She will not die.
22.  All his transgressions that he has committed shall be remembered against him; in his righteousness that he will live.
23.  Do I want the death of the wicked? He saith the Lord. You did not live, if from his ways?
24.  But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness , and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? None of the righteousness that he hath shall be taken into account; for his trespass that he trespassed, and in his sin that he sinned, in them die.
25.  And if you say , it is not straight the way of the Lord; Hear now, O house of Israel: Is not my way equal? Are not your ways?
26.  Turning away the righteous from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, he shall die for it; for the iniquity which he will die.
27.  And away the wicked from his wickedness that he has , and do according to the law and justice, he shall save his soul alive.
28.  Because he considers and turns away from all his transgressions he had committed, he shall surely live; She will not die.
29.  Yet saith the house of Israel: It is not straight the way of the Lord; Are not my ways right, O house of Israel? Your ways are not straight.
30.  Therefore, I will judge each according to his ways, O house of Israel, saith the Lord. Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, and iniquity shall not be your ruin.
31.  Cast away from you all your transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. Why do you die, O house of Israel?
32.  Because I do not want the death of anyone, says the Lord; turn yourselves, and live.

Your understanding is not within my reasons did you hear about extreme ambition? Heard of dynamite in Colombia? Did you hear about that dams are held by the mountains and if dynamiting these yield? Did you hear about that if illegal mining is no documentation of the damage which is to blame God and who financed them that then paid headstones to wash consciousness and honor the people there to help? Did you hear about men who warned with simple faith more evidence about what would happen and even then were heard by the contempt of their own species by their rulers, chosen by himself

The stone 
Stone, causing 25,000 deaths is one of the landmarks of what remains of Armero, emblematic it is said that this is to blame for opening the cause of the dam SIPRE where flowed sewage river Azufral located in Lagunilla river canyon.
 It is said that at that time, illegal mining to the rounds were very frequent explosions with dynamite to mine gold. Armero was located just under the barrel and the proximity, it was rumored that   months before the tragedy was orchestrating   damming of water that could cause flooding in the white city. because the   illegal extraction of metal and  earth to stop the dam began to give way.
This warning saved the lives of some, as families made ​​the decision to emigrate despite the possibility of a tragedy. As was the case of the Afro - Colombian family Ocoro , who decided to move to the city of Ibague and for this reason are still alive today.



By: Ayala Diago, Caesar Augustus, 1945-

By: Cesar Ayala Diago.

From:  Magazine Credencial History .  
(Bogota - Colombia).  September  1999.  No.  117

the explosion.jpg (9262 bytes)
The tragedy of Cali. Reportage of "Chromos".

From the morning of August 6, 1956 a convoy of ten trucks in command of units of the national army moved by the Buenaventura-Cali route, loaded with 1,053 boxes of dynamite they were destined for public works went ahead in Bogotá. Arriving at Cali, in the afternoon, seven of the ten trucks were parked near the Codazzi Battalion. Hours later, at dawn on day 7, a thunderous explosion woke the city. Whole blocks were left in ashes. "It was as if the cemetery had jumped into the air," he said a flyer at the time of the explosion flew over the city. The disaster left more than 1,300 dead, wounded and destructions four thousand per hundred million pesos.The buildings where the Codazzi Battalion, Military Police and the Third Brigade was staying completely disappeared. Eight blocks were completely destroyed and three others were damaged by the blast.


The madman 'who wanted to avoid the tragedy of Armero

Fernando Gallego announced that the Nevado del Ruiz would erupt. Nobody believed him. But ...
The morning of November 14, 1985, Guevara aboard aircraftowned initiated a flyover in the north of Armero and the unthinkable told his traveling companion, "Armero is a beach area mud!". A phrase of fear that makes you nervous even today.
"We were flying at 400 feet, very short, and that day I saw half the people buried from the waist down. They could not help under a heavy mud. Thousands of people left the mud raising his arms in relief. Other flapped their hands from the trees, "he recalls volunteer 26 years later.
It was 5:40 in the morning and had started seven hours before the unrest. Now recalls that at about 9:20 pm yesterday heard how a voluntary radiotelephone normally even said he was leaving the headquarters of the Civil Defense Armero because it was flooded. Seconds later lost all communication and it is presumed that the Lagunilla river had submerged the substation stifling any cry for help.
After flying for almost 10 minutes in the rain, they decided to give notice and could land on runway La Carmelita, in Lleida, 15 minutes of Armero, and 10 venadillo. He pilot Rivera got off the plane and ran toward his house terrified. Leopoldo, however, sought Telecom, the state-communication, and asked the operator to provide it with Narino Palace, the president's house.
"The first person I spoke with was with Victor G. Ricardo, then Secretary General of the Presidency. I told him what happened and did not believe me. At the insistence passed to phone General Guillermo de la Cruz, who at least doubted what he said, but still did not believe. Just tell me, 'do not overdo it, Leopoldo, calm down,' "he adds.
It was 6:10 in the morning of November 14. General De la Cruz, who knew the volunteer, handed the phone to then president Belisario Betancur, and Leopoldo he repeated the same thing to his subordinates: "Armero is a beach area mud, President!". Then, Belisario said, "You're overreacting," and hung up.
Fernando Gallego always carries an old folder.
Surprised and embarrassed, the operator happened to Leopoldo another phone where a person requesting information of Armero. It was the renowned journalist Yamid Amat. "He asked me what had happened in Armero. I said the same thing: 'Armero is mud.' " The communicator told him not irresponsible, not to play with that information.
Amat gave him another question: "How many people live Armero?". The volunteer told him that 25 thousand to what Yamid rebuked him: "So you're saying that 25,000 people died?". "Yes," said Leopoldo. They never speak again until a year later when the reporter apologized for not believing him that morning.
As no one believed him, Leopoldo called her son to Ibague, who bears his name, and told him. This immediately called the journalist Juan Gossaín, who also believed him. Belisario found the fact only when at about 11:20 am flying over the area in a helicopter of the Air Force and was terrified the desolate landscape.
Minutes later, the plane landed and the mud, even with lighted propellers, Leopoldo was presented and told the president almost shouting: "Now I think President?". Belisario began to mourn as he ordered his companions out on the aircraft about injured children calling under her mother crying.
Leopoldo worked in the rescue of more than 60 hours until exhaustion overcame him. Several months after the tragedy suffered nervous breakdowns after seeing the horrific images of dead people trapped men had to maul to save and women giving birth in the mud.
"To me I never will forget the images of a tragedy that could be avoided," he says from his home venadillo peaceful Leopoldo. "That man was right, and I say no more," notes referring to Gallego. On the other hand, the pilot Rivera flew again and I said, on the phone, he would not talk about it because he overcame these terrible images he saw. "I do not talk about that."
Leopoldo, meanwhile, has beaten face and has never stopped thinking about what he saw. He tells me he gets up every day at 4 am to pray the rosary with a rosary he gave Pope John Paul II when he went to Armero. And he heeds and much more now that his wife died and remains alone in a big house.
A month before the disappearance of Armero, Gallego gave his last lecture in Lebanon. The ecological magazine  Terra Firma , by then a reference on nature themes, reproduced months after the tragedy asides talk, which ended up being eerily prescient.
"The preeruptivas manifestations of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, to be built in a fact that worries the national, departmental and municipal government to avoid a tragedy when the phenomenon will be incalculable and irreparable consequence is concrete.
"As regards us the inhabitants of northern Tolima, we have rivers that collect the waters of the volcano: The Gualí, El Azufrado, El Lagunilla and El Recio. But now so I have observed the phenomenon, the Lagunilla, Gualí Azufrado and rivers will be the most immediate collectors of large glaciers, which have already begun to give way, by seismic activity and crustal overheating of the volcano. But the concern is that these glaciers, one unawares once, drag the false bed, forming in them by sedimentation which is one of the most acute in the rivers of mountains in northern Tolima.
"But of all the rivers that more sedimentation has it is the Azufrado and is the most threatening, because this leads to the Lagunilla and, in the case of an avalanche, the Lagunilla leads to Armero, as this avalanche in the corner, before reaching Armero, will continue through it RIGHT end to end. Personally I told Azufrado in Lagunilla rivers and dams hundred large and small, being greater than Sirpe, that contrary to the assertions Cortolima engineers and others who resists an avalanche; I say that no¿ I affirm by the amount of material, the body of the dam and the violence with which these down;this will propel more to burst the flood, making more critical the destruction of Armero. Nor do I agree with Ingeominas because he did not put 'avalanche' in this first preliminary map of volcanic hazards to dangerous Azufrado river and that more materials when the glacier is seriously threatened in the high summit and plumed volcano discards " . 
Nobody listened. As said Gallego was fulfilled. Only wrong about one thing: that the tragedy was worse than he predicted.
It never existed the benefit of the doubt. Even that afternoon when the Professor Gallego issued its first conference on the Sands of Nevado del Ruiz volcano and foresaw a year before it would explode and blow away Armero. Nobody believed him and after 26 years feels guiltily.
Gallego's history began in the early seventies, when he became interested in the volcano. I wanted to know was going on inside the mountain, which was not difficult because Gallego lived in Lebanon, people from the mountains to 45 minutes from Armero and two hours from the crater of Mount via Murillo, perhaps the nearest town to the top .
Leopoldo Guevara Armero overflew the next day in a small plane.
For 15 years in a row and six times a year rummaged mountain: took samples brought sediments, saw ice melt, studied the stones and monitored the temperature. This last figure, the trigger of his theories, led him to conclude that in a decade the volcano would have a degree higher than the previous years this would generate heat and consequence. It was not a biologist, or volcanologist, was just a curious, Claretian professor degree in Social Sciences from the University of Tolima.
"I do not want to alarm. Only it is saying that the volcano was hot and after several studies concluded that the volcano would explode. He added that there were historical records that occurred every 150 years this phenomenon and that the records date back to 1595, when the Indians believed it was the fury of the 'madreagua' "he recalls. Some studies argue that the volcano showed similar phenomena in 1595 and 1845.
After this deduction and a year of the tragedy of Armero, Galician, a native of Palocabildo, Tolima, he designed a series of lectures delivered mainly in Lebanon and Ibague. Although they were busy, no one believed him. How could a flood of a volcano take an entire people and make ashes rained for hours? It would not fit into anyone's head.
Environmental Corporation Tolima (Cortolima), environmental agency of the department, distorted studies teacher she is saying it was not volcanologist and sediment found were not dangerous. Meanwhile, the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining (Ingeominas), visited the house of the teacher and said the bank could warn of the explosion 28 days earlier.None of that happened.


the prophecy of Armero

Mountaineers, scientists, a musician, a mayor and a congressman announced 25 years ago that Armero was in danger if not evacuated. Still, the state has been exonerated from any responsibility in the tragedy.
 In November 1985 23.000 people died in the avalanche of Armero, caused by the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz.

Up on the summit, the glacier was completely yellow color and sometimes lemon. It was hard to walk it because it was bristling with needles snow a meter high, carved by the heat of the crater carved by the wind. From the heights of the Bureau of Herveo or Nevado del encomendero Francisco Ruiz, as known from the colonial times this fiery mountain that the Indians called Cumanday, the golden summit of some stratocumulus looked and, far below, the lights of the Caldas villages. A few kilometers above us, the huge plume of steam and sulphurous anhydride was diluted in the stratosphere. We had climbed all day. It was 6:00 pm on July 31, 1985, and as we were four degrees north of Ecuador had 45 minutes of sunlight in November: precious time when one is in the mountains. A twilight wind tore us shop hands like a balloon, before we could even finish anchor. Exhausted and dizzy, we did not know if the headache that accompanied us was the altitude or the smell of sulfur. We had given adequate time for acclimatization in our camp at 4,500 meters high in the sand, and had drunk gallons of water, such as send the manuals. But we breathed all day while we were climbing the pestilence that South Glacier Glacier or the Nereids. Six months ago we had ventured for the first time in those territories. We did not know that just before Christmas, on December 22, 1984, an explosion of smoke green lemon and orange sparks on the Nevado del Ruiz had preceded a large forest fire. Neither knew that the peasants had seen the death of fish in the Otún, Recio and Lagunillas, poisoned with sulfur in the same month as 145 years earlier, according to historical reports had happened. Devoid of prudence, I decided at that July with two companions Sergio Fajardo and Miguel Vidales- to climb the South Mountain glacier and see again the spectacle of the fumarole and the effects of the eruption. With several companions had climbed Nevado del Tolima, a much younger geologically the volcano suffered Herveo table. We had reared several times a tiny crater, a narrow vertical ice gorge 40 meters deep that hides the real fireplace. Lie down there for 35 years and Hermann Lozano Jaime Gonzalez 'Samurai', those who dared to seek the center door of the Earth and died from breathing sulfur dioxide. We had also been peering into the sandy summit Puracé and two rings of ice huge crater of Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano. And we had traveled Swan lunar deserts and volcanic Gargoyles Olleta and the incipient forest background of Quindio. We knew what she looks like a dead volcano and certainly what it looks like one asleep.We had crossed a couple of times the black solfatara serving abrupt entrance to Glacier Nevado del Tolima and is known as Ear, and now we'd just peek into the soup bubbling mud crater width Arenas del Ruiz. And certainly the aspect of blue, yellow and ocher spots seething between ice and loose sands was a demon awakening: completely unlike anything we had seen in a short life of mountaineering. In this second escalation of Ruiz in 1985, the difference in the amount of emission of sulfur was abysmal. The next day we went down downcast and circumspect, stinking demon and full of yellowish mud from his boots to his eyes and from the rope to the bags sleeping, going through the middle. Sergio Fajardo said: "If this mountain reaches even cleared his throat, is going to take ahead to Manizales and Mariquita." Were missing exactly 105 days to the cascade of ice blocks became 100 million cubic meters of mud thrown on Armero, 100 kilometers per hour. This wave full of incandescent rocks swept away everything found in the 25 km valley between Armero, Cambao and Ambalema. As he had done in 1592, 1700 and 1845, and as it will do so again, following its inexorable vital pulse, in 2095 and 2235. The glacier, which today has 11 square kilometers and 400 million cubic meters of ice, hangs over us to 5,300 meters. Despite the thaw caused by the eruption and global warming, this sword of Damocles still points to some five million people and twenty cities in the Midwest. In February of that same year, one of the deans of climbing Colombia, the Swiss mountaineer Antoine Faber, Ruiz had climbed as a geologist, sent by the Ingeominas. Faber, specializing in oil exploration, was not an expert in volcanism, and when he tried to descend, gases prevented. He judiciously description of the state of the crater, from which, according to him, could not conclude anything, because I was not against which to compare it . From this observation, and according to his fellow geologists Darío Mosquera and Alberto Nunez, recommended to all officers of State and non - State Hydroelectric Caldas, the Inderena, Inravisión, the army and even the Incora keep daily volcanic events and conduct research on the history of volcanic emissions in the region to measure risks. Ingeominas conceptualized the activity of the volcano was normal and that therefore there was no immediate danger. Perhaps he forgot that the normal activity of a volcano is erupting.56 million pesos were called for a network of seismological observation, and in August the reports were increasingly alarming. On September 11 there was a new eruption of gases, water vapor and rain sand on neighboring municipalities. In the archives of Ingeominas rests a report by Colonel Joaquin Acosta, published by the Academy of Paris in 1849, in which he describes the eruption and subsequent lahar del Ruiz by the Lagunillas river in 1845, and that seems written 20 years ago. Reported Acosta that the mud covered 16 square kilometers and killed 1,000 people, mostly farmers snuff in the region of Ambalema.  Based on the memory of Acosta, engineer, lawyer and academic Colombian Ramón Azuola Guerra wrote in 1882 a report made from excavations in the area where it was to establish Armero. War Azuola concluded that lahars are periodic and repeated with an exact interval.Still, they founded the prosperous agricultural town across the mouth of the canyon of Lagunillas valley. According to these documents, the historian and tolimense musicologist Hector Fabio Gonzalez wrote an article to explain that according to the observations of scientists, eruptions Ruiz and resulting mud lahar occurred with alternating intervals of 140 years and nine months and 110 years and two months. The only one who was the small newspaper published the Law of Ibague, on 18 October 1985. There are estimated according to the geologic timescale, the new eruption would take place in the second week of November 1985 and the eruptions were just a small appetizer, a little history of what would ensue. González sent his article to the editorial offices of several national newspapers. Enrique Santos Calderon, then Sunday editor of El Tiempo, saw him at his desk two weeks before the eruption and set it aside for demented. Santos published article five days after the disaster, with a brief note of regret and bewilderment.  Another prophet of the editors of the newspapers was the agronomist and aviator amateur Guillermo Cajiao, who had by then 10 years flying over the craters of volcanoes the Central Cordillera. Cajiao observed the first signs of revival of Ruiz in 1977 and had seen its evolution and wanted to warn the obvious danger. But whenever he appeared for a newspaper with photographs in hand, journalists fled from him as a pariah. "Here comes the mad volcanoes" they said. It was through Cajiao and writer Gustavo Alvarez Ruiz Gardeazábal that reached the ears of the famous volcanologist Haroun Tazieff. Gradually, the attention of scientists the world was turning toward Ruiz. They foresaw that in case of fall of incandescent material on glaciers, 10 percent of the mass of ice could thaw and flow, and that the possibility of an eruption was around 100 percent.  The Ministry of Mines requested advice to office of Disaster Assistance UN (UNDRO). By return mail, the Colombian government received the latest version of the Manual Volcanic Emergency Management, which highlights some seemingly obvious, is that people should not bebuilt on the passage of lahars. But in Colombia, as in many parts of the world, there are four departmental capitals (Pasto, Popayan, Ibague and Manizales) and at least 20 large municipalities in that situation. So the only chance to save people exposed to a catastrophe of this caliber is evacuated. But the manual warned that politicians used to be the biggest obstacle because evacuations are unpopular and subtract votes. In Armero did not work alarms, no understanding between the Mayor and the Governor, nor was there an order to evacuate until when detected the eruption a few hours before the lahar. Not far less mass communication suitable for the population. Many officials will not hear the final warning of Ingeominas, that in the week warned of disaster if the mudflow eruption was imminent. However, there was a hero: the mayor of Armero, Ramon Rodriguez. And a politician who met through andthrough its responsibility. The caldense Congressman Hernando Arango Wallet Ramon Antonio 'Moncho' Rodriguez was until the last moment of his life convinced that had to evacuate the population. He complained that the impoundment of water from the El Tiller was the responsibility of the neighboring municipality of Lebanon, but that Armero would put the dead. On the occasion of the small eruption occurred in September and several rains of sand and volcanic ash that covered the roofs of Armero in those weeks, 'Moncho' harassed the governor of Tolima, Eduardo Garcia Alzate, to support him and give the order evacuation. According to testimonies collected by several journalists of the time, the governor ended up rejecting his perennial litany of evacuation. The last time we spoke, he told the journalist Germán Santamaria, 'Moncho' warned that Armero would develop-apparently under the waters of the dam of El Tiller or snowmelt caused by the eruption. Garcia Alzate received the sentence with a laugh and never again see you.  In Bogota, meanwhile, the representative to the Humberto Chamber Arango Wallet cited the September 24, 1985 four ministers of the government of Belisario Betancur and warned them of the impending eruption Nevado del Ruiz volcano. "I do not want to be a prophet of doom, but the phenomena that are happening will take us longer to omens but the catastrophe itself. There threatened 16 departments and three million people. Do not say that the State was not warned to comply with its functions in time. " ministers, with the unmistakable gesture of one who is wasting time in front of a guy who just wanted to win cabinet policy, answered a questionnaire on preventive measures and claimed that" not guilty "in foresight to handle the situation. the indifferent attitude and little aware of the Minister of Mines, the Governor of Tolima, the Minister of Works and the Presidency against scientific forcefulness merely confirmed the warning of the UN Handbook on who are the politicians the greatest risk in case of eruption .  on the night of November 13, after a very difficult three - hour meeting in Ibague, experts of the Red Cross and entities Tolima department recommended to the evacuation order. At 9:30, officials alert network established by Ingeominas between the guards and operators relay antennas located at 4,000 meters high near the moor Letters reported the onset of rash. That night, Governor Garcia Alzate refused to pass the phone to the mayor of Armero. They say he was playing billiards.  'Moncho' Rodriguez was amateur and was connected with other amateur radio Ibagué that night. At 11:30 a roar of 1,000 trains invaded Armero, along with the explosion of the power plant. The last thing he said 'Moncho' was: " Wait a minute This is flooding.". Despite all the scientific evidence, the government not only did nothing to advance an evacuation, but was acquitted in three instances in nearly a thousand claims 80,000 million pesos rose against him . In 1991, he absolved the High Court of Tolima; in 1994, the State Council, and more recently the Supreme Court. The judgment of the three instances prayed the same thing. That the events of nature are impossible to prevent and to control and which can not be fault them responsibility officials for these facts the volcanic tragedy that destroyed Armero and part of Chinchiná was the second in severity in the twentieth century after the Mount Pelee in 1904, with 30,000 deaths, and one of the largest in history with the eruption of Krakatoa in 1893, the Mount St. Helena and, of course the Vesuvius. Indications allowed foresee the tragedy almost approximation hours. But few wanted to hear the strength of scientific and historical data. Eight days after the disaster went down to Armero for the first time in my life. I stumbled upon the 'valancheros', those human rats that scoured the mud to boot watches and gold teeth of corpses, as Nazi criminals, and I became one of them. A 'valanchero' culture. I made ​​dozens of reports and interviews. For months I nose the smell of rotten mud with sulfur and body, and I got used to see in the few streets that remained standing bare skulls and faces terrified of some of my 22,000 compatriots who died there while the Governor of Tolima playing pool and its mayor died in his command. It was the least I could do after having been up there, climbing over frozen water that was going to fall over. I never saw to climb Ruiz. I returned later to leave my father 's ashes in La Olleta, its subsidiary crater, and often climbed the Tolima, as noble as dangerous. After seeing the risk maps Ingeominas, naively exclude Manizales zone risk of explosion Ruiz, and the southern neighborhoods of Ibague growing soldiered Combeima, 25 kilometers straight Crater Tolima, I can not but recall another historical chronicle that tells how the Combeima brought a lahar in 1793 and how Fray Pedro Simon told the noise was heard "throughout the kingdom , " in March 1592, when Ruiz exploded once again .  Each volcanic explosion is simply a pulse over planet Earth, a heartbeat so slowly that simply we fail to perceive or half adrop in the course of a short and simple life. The next pulse is running. It's been 25 years only 85 missing.


Renny Rueda CastañedaBy: Renny Rueda Castañeda

I watchfulness to find good friends. Hit with a penalty that destroys ... often expressed: we would have preferred to have died with our families and not live in the indifference of a hell that has lasted a quarter century.
Jorge Ramón Uribe. SJ (1)

In late 1984, for the first time in many years, seismic activity Ruiz volcano began to denote a clearly abnormal agitation.On December 22, the monitoring station of the Geophysical Institute of the Andes, assigned to the Javeriana University, recorded from Bogota what would be the first scientific studies of the volcano, revealing on seismograms abnormal trends still quiet, hatched which would the worst natural tragedy that there is record in the history of Colombia.
ARMERO - After
Throughout the year 1985, there were both the national government, as research teams and experts, uncoordinated warnings that served as an argument to justify, from various political sectors, the existence of escazas conditions of preparation against a possible explosion . Among the different calls, they highlight research studies expert Marta Calvache, and Prof. Eduardo Parra, addressed to President Betancourt, whose findings were reported in the media.Although clearly describe the risk map of Armero, and relate Ignored bibliographical sources lethality of the volcano, the studies were not taken into account, and passed, along with other reprimands, to oblivion. To date events also lacked only Armero emergency frequency, which in the midst of tragedy, meant disjointed and inefficient communication efforts of civil defense, the armed forces, the departmental administration and the Red Cross.
In June of that same year, Juan Duarte, attached to the Geophysics Institute investigator, is ordered to recruit and organize a group of experts who would be responsible for monitoring the behavior of the volcano. The financial resources of the mission was scarce and necessary involve both material personal use of members of the group as contributions Hydroelectric Caldas - CHEC- and Geological Services. The main objective was to set up a network of five stations seismological record, whose first four were located in the vicinity of the snow, and whose fifth, would be located in the area known as "El Billar" along the crater Arenas, the area most dangerous for registration activities.
(2) Canyon Rio LagunillaCanon Armero Rio Lagunilla
The fateful November 13, while much of the country was interested in the sporting outcome between Millonarios and Cali, the monitoring team, consisting of Duarte, engineer Bernardo Salazar, Fernando Gil and a collaborator, knowledgeable about the area, report the completion of the installation of monitoring instruments and begin to evaluate the records of seismographs manuals. In the environment, despite the efforts in achieving technological support to facilitate the work of gathering information, was the bad taste to know that there were sufficient resources in the event of a catastrophe that would co-ordinate measures relevant evacuation from the base camp mayor of the municipality.Paradoxically, in the midst of tragedy the biggest support telecommunications which featured the mayor, it due to the spontaneous actions of amateur radio in Armero and Bogota, and much of the information being handled in the disaster area, was due to a successful but insufficient report issued by an occasional newsletter, broadcast by Caracol and RCN, in which Sergeant Major of the Red Cross Atiliano Salgado Moreno, amid the sport transmission warned the need to take urgent measures that would save the life of the residents of the periphery of snow.
In the first round held near the Rio Gualí, experts checked oddly what came to be the preamble of the explosion. At 3 pm, the slope of the volcano emitted detonations anticipating abnormal overflow of it. With concern, throughout the afternoon in different shifts, the team with emerging communication systems, begins seismic transmission, with warnings to radio operators in Manizales, which reported despairingly from the base of the snow, the eruption was about to start.At that time, despite the situation, there was no means of socializing the seriousness of the facts with the mayor of Armero, who despite their concern, ignored unable to be informed, development and magnitude of the avalanche. At 9.29 pm, the volcano emits a loud explosion, illuminating the vicinity despite the heavy fog around him. Eight minutes later, and at the interruption of communications and the imminent possibility of being killed, the group run over race, amid stones and ashes, take the road to Manizales, informing the public, amid the accelerated eviction, the need to be located in safe, distant the causes of Chinchina and Rio Claro rivers areas.
Throughout the afternoon, the mayor of Armero, Ramon Rodriguez, aware of the seriousness of the situation, sent a commission to verify the state of Rio Lagunilla, that connected with the snowy Armero. Additionally he requested vehemently communicate with the Governor of Tolima, Eduardo Garcia Alzate, for the eviction of the town of Armero was authorized, which in turn meant the mobilization of the inhabitants of Lleida, Ambalema, Cambao, Mariquita and Honda. Negligence of the governor, are statements of the secretary of the late mayor, and testimonies of witnesses of the scene, which states that before the desperate orders of the same, both the secretary of the department as governor, laughed, ignoring the threat. With the passing of the hours, the governor took deny calls Rodríguez, sentenced him to die with his people.
Armero Map
The tributary of the Rio Azufrado and Lagunilla, slowly, and for hours, stored more than 200 million cubic meters of mud, volcanic material, river water and snow, and plant remains, that untie formed waves up to thirty meters height, accumulated unevenly along the canyon. At 11.15 pm the mayor reported to emergency officials that the water came abruptly to his home. At 11.28 pm, from Bogota, communication was lost with the efforts of amateur radio in Armero. At the same time Armero sank in a perpetual silence. From 11 hours, completing a journey of 48 kilometers, mud and volcanic debris, they devastated Armero, moving at a speed of over 43 kilometers per hour, blinding the lives of over 22,000 people, and setting in the middle night, between gasps of the inhabitants of the municipality, an overview of mutilated bodies, unidentifiable figures, mud and debris.
Today, the memory of Armero still throbs in the heart of Colombia that despite its progress, baffled by a strange mixture of celebration and indifference announced amid tragedies. What looks like a page deleted, 25 years later it replicated in regions inexplicamente relived every year stories of helplessness, poverty and oblivion. The image Omaira, the thirteen year old girl temporarily become a symbol of hope, and incomprehensible agony amid the desolation, represent not a memory but the hapless denominator of a country in constant reinvention. Apathetic to the unquestionable existence of a population united appearance, but actually fragmented into citizens of different categories, whose value, as in the afternoon of the disaster, is administered at the discretion of governors of the day. The author answers concerns or suggestions in the mail  rruedac.opinion@gmail.com

Renny Rueda Castañeda

(1). Compiler, journalist and witness to the tragedy. Investigator.
(2). Images. The volcano and the flood: 13 November 1985 Author: Colombia. Presidency of the Republic. Bogotá.Colombia.
I have not respond, you respond honest men that if they loved their people, the tragedy falls upon the souls of the wicked, forever punished are, by their corruption, greed, ambition, what have I to do with this when the people choose their rulers and chose Barabbas instead of Jesus Christ? Not even tolerated Catholicism to which is the most libertine branch of religions that call themselves Christian, his atheistic communist ideology them was stronger than any fear, I'm not sanctify the priest, he worshiped images, that did not do it very different from the rest but said take my name and only by his fanatical communist atheism was killed with machetes and finished burying him naked, made the worst aberrations only because he said out my name on it do you imagine if it had really been my son? just to name me lynched and today that territory it is home to witches and spiritualists who steal corpses daily and leave debris all over the place, that was then, this is now.

Bogotazo | Long March Toward Communism

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April 9. 2015 -  Posts about  Bogotazo  written by granmarchacomunismo. ... Article " Workers Revolution", organ of the Workers Union  Communist  (mlm)

The 'curse' that a priest launched on Armero in 1948

Armero tragedy November 13, 1985. Photo: AFPArmero tragedy November 13, 1985. Photo: AFP

Learn the story of Father Pedro Maria Ramirez, who had put a curse on Armero in 1948.

The anthropologist and university professor  Leonardo Nieto reported in bluradio one of the lesser known stories surrounding the tragedy of Armero , it is a curse that many attribute to a priest who lived in the region in 1948 called Pedro Maria Ramirez. ( See also: Armero, the prosperous town which ended in ruins and symbolic tombs )

Father Ramirez was assigned to the parish of Armero in the mid-1940s  Armero, at that time, was "quite liberal, leftist groups had a strong foothold in Armero and its surroundings" . ( See also:  Armero still looking for their missing 30 years after the tragedy )

Leonardo that  "the arrival of this father changed the dynamics in the village" , as distinguished people according to their political preference.

This situation generated considerable unease in the population, which became evident after the 'Bogotazo' on April 9, 1948, "in such acomplex political context, Father Pedro Maria Ramirez faced residents of Armero own and  it was they who he was murdered".

Account the expert  "the population had a negative perception by its conservative nature ", reason why  the religious died at thehands of the mob as a martyr .

"In agony the priest threw the phrase:  'No stone will remain unturned Armero',  something which many consider as a curse ."

After the death of the priest, the mob stopped to give him grave and buried without clothes. "Then the priest's garb became almost a relic, there are different versions about his whereabouts. Some say that people burned, others that the Army when the area was taken after Bogotazo nuns and others. "

Leonardo also notes that "l will primarily involved in the murder of Father Ramirez , when judicializes, repeatedly asked to be moved because cell  said he visited them at night ."

The story, however, does not end there, as they also note that the origin of the curse  would be the words of the Bishop of Ibagué at the time .

"After the death of the father,  the bishop of Ibagué Armero told state 'Entredicho' , ie another parent was not assigned to the population, nor could celebrate first communions or christenings. This version has the curse could also have been launched by this religious ".

Mysticism surrounding the tragedy foretold that 30 years ago shook Armero, Tolima, as in figures as the father or the girl Ramirez symbol of this fact, Omayra Sanchez, the reality of a country of various shades as Colombia is portrayed.

I mean, God, I absolve you of this, are jackals were jackals, robbed the poor children of the tragedies and even today the return, even from Europe came to steal them, ruthless beings men, not to lack even faith alone good will not be unclean and not be jackal judge God for a beautiful girl like Omayra Sanchez and thousands were stolen at that time. 

damned jackals, blame God hiding his own filth, live among you the child molesters and against it do nothing, nobody messes, are jackals and cowardly because if invocásemos God he would use us, give us extreme forces for from our weak humanity still be worthy people to call at least human beings, damned jackals ruled gunsmith and sold their destination despising his prophets scientists anticipated the meteorological disaster and then the same corruption sold their children, jackals before, jackals then cursed a thousand times damn, I hope someday understand those who judged God why if their leaders were Christians seriously and had sought God to the point of imitating him none of this would have happened, only I presented my complaints to God and he answered me things I did not know , forgiveness God, Kiray Holy Spirit, sorry for this, tomorrow I shall ask more questions, I want to be clean, cleanse and give me understanding, I believe reading this or not, I do not care, I fell into the video Omayra by chance, felt much discomfort about God and its capacity to intervene, but because they spoke a simple sudden natural disaster, I exhibited anti thee lord my discomfort and frustration and doubts about you and I answered what I choose men or you? you sir, but cleanse me even more doubt with patience always.

Lamentations 4

1.  How is the gold become dim!
How the most fine gold has lost its luster!
The stones of the sanctuary are scattered in the top of every street.
2.  The sons of Zion, precious and dear to fine gold,
How they are regarded as earthen pitchers, the work of a potter's hands!
3. Even the jackals give the breast and suckle their cubs;
The daughter of my people is cruel like ostriches in the desert
4.  The tongue of the sucking child stuck his palate for thirst:
the young children ask bread, and none did it unto them.
5.  Those who ate delicacies are desolate in the streets:
Those who were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills.
6.  For the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the sin of Sodom, it was increased
that was overthrown in a moment, but stayed on her.
7.  His nobles were purer than snow, whiter than milk,
more ruddy were his body than rubies, more beautiful than sapphire her waist.
8.  blacker than the blackness is its appearance; not known in the streets:
Their skin clings to their bones, dry as a stick.

You would understand everything I ever BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE NO HEARTS OF ALL OR PRIVACY OF ALL. 

This video puts you goosebumps, important to see !!!

In addition, to top it all the crap of then president in Colombia says it will go ahead with God's help, wretch who was warned long before and its own corruption did give all these people to death, rulers, dirty jackals, corrupt inhuman, God absolve you in my heart of this tragedy because the people elect rulers jackals before your children what shall we do? pure outrage.

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