SHOCKED PROFETACUENTALABIBLIA Who accuses us of spiritualists? tell me where it comes from ...

Profetacuentalabiblia 3.000.000 de lectores en nuestras cuentas!!!

SHOCKED PROFETACUENTALABIBLIA Who accuses us of spiritualists? tell me where it comes from ...

Profetacuentalabiblia 3,000,000 readers in our accounts !!!

You do not despise us, we despise you corrupt leaders ...

really this situation angers me, I am outraged that young people appear talking about these studies that we carry out in full, fill, alive, full feel, they have experiences with God but after talking to their religious leaders of institutions either evangelist, Jehovah 's witness, Catholic or whatever the fuck it and begin us to look with suspicion and distrust talk about the issues we talked about.
Now I judge myself and say: who we judge? Do attending congresses Benny Hinn or their pastors or youth leaders attend their conferences or read their books? Do they have by Kathryn Kullman basis? Do you have for youth pastor Dante Gebel to the evangelist? Now I speak and see who answers: Benny Hinn is continually in adultery, got a pendeja and took a walk to a telo ROME, there are pictures in all print media in the world, his wife divorced him, old, not the asshole who was his mistress, then when the millionaire to his temple donations came to pique decided to reconcile and remarry his ex - wife, old. her lover think also if returned and about two times already so far the scandal, to defend Benny Hinn said it only took her to Rome, Italy to make donor of his new project, said by him literally "donor museum images of Vatican that was made ​​patron" award fee for " holy "Roman church.

Now I say do you are charging me to judge me in that state of submission and tolerance ugliest filth? the rate was orgy with an asshole blonde eyes that up with its evangelist position since this type Benny Hinn no woman so give 2 pesos to 50 if not "godsend" millionaire.They say, do not raise hand against the anointed because David said, will not touch Saul because he is the anointed of the Lord, Saul was demonized, says the very Bible that deal with spit every day despising us, we are the ones who are closer display it fuller revelation he knew this world, we are Christians, disciples of Christ, not traders vatican. I do not think the great whore of revelation is the Catholic church but you did that well enough, customers whorehouse and spiritual material. They brought Buddhism, Catholicism (worship of statues and Santeria), Hinduism in front of young Christians. Whoever said "hypocritical Pharisees who make long prayers to stay alone in the homes of young widows" that seize the night and take awful sex party and the next day back to the image of leaders saints, change their faces when fasting and change their clothes to differentiate themselves, like Benny Hinn and his white suit among his subjects of black ha suit.  do you judge us us who have those leaders and if you do not know them ask their leaders who surely idolize? Will you let their pastors speak ill of us? the Dantegebelianos are made ​​and do not even know who is the pastor of him, his pastor is Hector Gimenez, but he mocks it in his preaching and shows instead of other unimpeachable evangelists, because the news is already in itself a mockery.


And no way we're going to keep quiet because this is the last straw, going to festivals and conferences with Ricardo Montaner at the head and puma Rodriguez, by God Montaner continues to cite the most macabre things Buddhist Satanism tweeted having 2 families.

and Puma Rodriguez is on broadcast television in Argentina Voice saying cochinadas double meaning pendejas minors, made them leaders of the Pentecostal movement do you want to run us to us? they have no morals, values, repentance, God is not with you.


But this was not a divine connection !!! When Ramon "Palito" Ortega took office as governor of Tucuman in 1991, the province drew a debt of about 500 million pesos; federal intervention Julius Caesar Aráoz had declined. By leaving the administration, former singer left a provincial debt of more than 800 million, according to yesterday recalled a former Ortega first line and a current Peronist provincial deputy. The passage of Tucuman Ortega was not without scandal. Stand out , among others, alleged irregularities in the privatization of the state - owned tap water (ex Dipos, today Aguas del Aconquija); millionaires advertising contracts; questionable dealings in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports; complaints of mismanagement of bonds (Bocon and Bote 10) worth 120 million dollars in the Bank of the Province of Tucuman (whose privatization was also controversial), and alleged irregularities in the granting of loans of the People 's Savings Bank. these and a dozen more cases of resonance in Tucuman, are the subject of current research in the Court of Auditors of the province. "There are 17 open cases in that court, some remain locked", as quoted by a former member of the government of Ortega. This was confirmed by the legislature PJ Bernardo García Hamilton, who complained to the Justice irregularities in the issue of bonds, which the Court of Auditors asked liability trial of former Minister of Ortega Economics Paulino Rios. The designation of the popular Palito in the Ministry of Social Development, controlled a budget of 280 million dollars annually for welfarism, it relies on the storyline of President Menem, according to which the former singer has dowries of good manager, given its "successful "management in Tucuman. "He made ​​a successful governor in a province that grew under his leadership , " said yesterday Menem, to take oath to Ortega, in the Casa Rosada. Lights and Shadows Certainly, Ortega 's management is recognized for its improvements in Justice (created the Council Judicial), where independent judges appointed; in education (there were no strikes in the first three years of his administration) and security (normalized provincial police and detained Commissioner Mario "Malevo" Ferreyra), after several uprisings. In its favor, Ortega also was concerned about placing tucumanos abroad, for which he organized forums foreign products.However, now menemista official (presidential candidate of the Casa Rosada if Menem is not seeking his third term in 1999), was climbing plant public employees to more than 100,000 posts. When he left the governorship public administration dragged two months of wages unpaid, debt canceled the now former governor Antonio Bussi, suspended yesterday by the Legislature, as reported separately. According to a recognized private consultant, Ortega managed an overall fiscal surplus in 1991 of 14 million pesos; in 1993, 15 million. However, he had an overall deficit in 1992 of 34 million; in 1994, 87 million, and in 1995, his last year in office, 223 million. . "There was a party since mid-1994, before then advertising is hired for $ 500,000 a year, in the last year reached two million per month , " exemplified a former García Hamilton added: "Although the provincial budget grew 400 million pesos in 1991 to 1200 million in 1995, no significant public works were recorded, beyond signs that appeared Ôadministración-Ortega', with nothing back. "the legislator said that in 1995 Ortega used 250,000 pesos for Community Social policy and Social Maternal and Child Nutrition programs to finance a tennis tournament, "whose entries never gave up and meant for the province a loss of 546,157.70 pesos."tHE NACIONPolítica


And we close with the Puma ... think that even I believed that religious fanas exaggerated with that devil in the church and now I come to find out it's true, serves as these evangelists corruption laugh at those issues satanismos and speaking of hell, is that offend their friends Buddhists, Hindus and macumberos, I say, Catholics. (sorry Catholic friends, not against you but that worship dolls is Macumba, stand down from that, there is nothing against you. " It 's 2 o'clock on a Monday in April and Jose Luis Rodriguez down the stairs of the Hotel Atton of El Bosque. He is dressed in dark jeans, orange shirt and although clearly comes to rest in his room, his distinctive hairstyle looks flawless, as if coming out of a television set. for two months lived there intermittently and its only company is the news, the Old Testament and the Bhagavad-Gita , text in the West is known as the Hindu Bible. "

Why do you worry without cause?
Who do you fear without reason?
Who would you kill?
The soul is not born, nor dies.

Whatever happens,
will go for your sake;
what this happening,
It is happening for the good;
what will happen,
also it happens for good.

You should not be sorry for the past.
You do not worry about the future.
This is happening ...

What makes you mourn lost?
What have you brought with you?
What do you think you lost?

What have you produced?
What do you think has been destroyed?

You have not given anything,
you have not brought anything with him,
anything they have, they have received here.

Anything taken, the taking of God.
Whatever you have given, I have given to him.
You came with empty hands,
and regrasaran empty-handed.

Anything having today, 
He belonged to someone else yesterday and 
will belong to a different tomorrow.
Mistakenly you enjoyed 
the idea of ​​belonging.

This false happiness is the cause of their troubles. 

Change is the law of the universe.
What you think of as death, 
It is actually life.

At any time they could be millionaires,
and the next they may fall into poverty.

Yours and mine, big and small ... 
erase these ideas from your mind.

Then everything will belong to them and all will own.
That body does not belong to them, 
you are not of that body.

The body consists of fire, water, air, earth and ether, 
and will return in these elements.
But the soul is permanent, so,
Who you really are?

Dedicate your being to God.
He is the one who should be trusted.
Those who know this truth are forever 
free from fear, worry and pain.

Do what you do, 
do dedicated as an offering to God.
This will take you to experience 
joy, freedom and life forever.

God is not with you! made a reunited in the only stadium of Argentina silver Argentine leaders outreaches proclaiming prophetically, listen well, prophetically said to a crowd of young evangelicals Scioli "God says you will reach the highest national government because you 're the best ruler of Argentina , "he said Alberto Motessi front of Dante Gebel and the greatest leaders of the Argentine Pentecostalism, how much shame, trash have for spiritual life. ¿Motessi saw the future greatness of Scioli but saw the deaths of hundreds by the flooding in that same city would come? flooding in La Plata 2013, city Scioli, same city where the festival was shaking, wow, they say there is no prophet in this blog and them if they are, ha ha. do not touch the anointed tell us. Gebel for their happy part, Scioli also vows giving up only a few hours a stadium do you judge us? curses falling on their falsehoods aa you condemn false prophets, plain thieves.

Find out about Kullman by God, she kept her lover a married guy with the silver of the faithful, even had 2 and agonizingly died of cancer and young.

Dante disciple of Freidzon (evangelist) says and really is a disciple of Pastor Gimenez, who lives with an asshole of his church and I think it made ​​her children and everything, God is with them and you choose to believe them, they are as the Jews of Jesus ' time, I give me nauseous who have experiences with God through us and then we reject them, in the Holy Spirit I say give me nausea and vomiting in my mouth. http: // www. actualidadcristiana.net/2014/12/la-increible-historia-de-la-catedral-de.html

                                       DANTE RECEIVES GLASS CATHEDRAL




Now for your questions, I curse Benny Hinn, WANTS JUDGE, BUT WORKS judge me !!! If accuse Benny Hinn gives death I leave you, ha ha.

Now we finish this with some conclusion

First of all we are not of those who only sit devote half life to unmask these guys, we are not, do, teach gifts, bible, theology and power of God above all things, this confrontation started by them and They are lowering corporate line that are dangerous within the people of God do we dangerous? do not have anywhere to accuse regarding morality then threw the issues we are spiritualism, just because we do deep introductions to Buddhism, Hinduism, Santeria, etc. to go unraveling concepts to reach the understanding of the profound error, we dirtied us to teach well and know that answer and answer all the questions so that our young people do not have to eat Montaner saying that if by serious Christian Buddhist, stands in front of platforms and evangelical altars to teach things that do not know, comparing villages that are not known and that young people receive, we give chair of all these issues and no one can discutirnos anything because everything we know by the Spirit of God and secular university.

Are we missing TALENT? no, we are not resentful, we band, we are very good musicians, I would say excellent, very copados ha, God's power in your hands? ha less, that our surplus, we see demonized wallowing on the floor by laying hands up crying thanking being released from torment, we see healing as we pray, we see prophecies of thousands fulfilled in detail, we do not lack power of God for that we face, we are not of those Calvinists who do not believe in the power of God and say that God imposes suffering, nothing to do, we do not criticize envy, attacked because you attacked first and we defame without proof when you are thousands our own people despises spiritualists accused us of what we have been told if they spent demons to 2 000 pigs from a human ... secret, shiiii, nah lie, that was Jesus, but have no idea or that to and or who he was, ha ha, would condemn twice if they had not had 2000 years to assimilate their actions and mystical rituals, and moral MORAAAAALLLLLLL !!!!!!

Now we turn to invite young people who want to learn mystical us, who wants to come come, who no no, no please, do not we treated not hit doors to us beg us, maybe that's why they attack the gebelianos, because we estimates and our pass them to wipe them in any field, any young taught by us from profetacuentalabiblia known and practiced a thousand times more spirituality that his disciples, I refer to the tests, challenge us, it's free, not as their congresses. They are invited again, from any field and religion, just only hear and see.


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